Dining is affordable to all, and you can enjoy everything from pizza or first courses all the way up to full meals with meat menus, or menus based on fish which always comes fresh from the stalls of the fish market in the adjacent square. Massimo's motto is "quality, quantity and price". The a la carte menu runs about 35 € not including wines but there are several menu of the day at a fixed price including cover charge and service.

or first courses we recommend:
Fish soup
Seafood risotto
"Gnocchi alla Boscaiola" (small potato dumplings with cream and mushrooms)
"Fetuccine" (fine noodles) made our way
Cannelloni with ricotta and spinach
Second courses are next:
Cuttle-fish "alla Veneziana"
Sautéed shrimp of the house
Sole "alla mugnaia"
Escalopes with lemon, marsala, "all'Antica Torre" or in white wine
Chicken breasts, wither with lemon or broiled.

Desserts include the house apple cake, the typical tiramisu, Sacher chocolate cake and the classic almond cake.

Domestic house wines in casks and by the bottle with regional labels

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